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Why TED?

The Energy Desk is an Energy Service Provider, accredited by all UK & ROI energy suppliers. In the past year we have purchased over £1.5 billion in energy for our clients and recovered over £3 million in bill validation where suppliers have over charged.

The Energy Desk is a totally independent company that works with customers, partners and suppliers to manage and exceed expectations, offering independent advice on what will best enhance business energy solutions while saving costs. We do this with the following divisions where our handpicked teams have a wealth of experience and knowledge:

  • Energy Procurement both conventional and renewable
  • New Connections
  • Energy Services / Energy Management
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Project Funding
  • New Product Development (EMS, ESOS, Carbon Neutral, Water Plant enhancement solutions)

TED Connections

Becoming a TED customer, partner or supplier is not just about procuring services from a business, it’s about developing a ongoing relationship. TED is a great believer in building great relationships with everyone that we deal with on a day-to-day basis from your corner shop to your power station. We continually source new suppliers, products, innovative ideas and technologies to ensure an all-round service for many organisations.

Team TED

The TED employees work tirelessly to ensure that all expectations are not only met, but exceeded with an enthusiasm to make great savings on your energy costs. The TED Team is inclusive of all our employees, customers, suppliers and partners, who strive to establish a successful working relationship. The Energy Desk is a well respected and trusted partner within the energy industry securing long established relationships due to our commitment to ethical trading. Discuss your commercial energy requirements by contacting The Energy Desk online.


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