Utility Bill Validation

Preventing incorrectly priced utility bills is of paramount importance to all businesses, our experts at TED can assist you with your bill optimisation. 

TED Keeps Track of Rogue Bills

The Energy Desk understands frustration when it comes to incorrectly priced utility bills, many businesses are often billed far more for their energy than what they have been actively using. TED provides bill validation through robust software designed to analyse your business’ consumption. Through a rigorous process of comparing billing rates to Half-hourly data / automated meter reading provided TED will spot the mistakes, save your business money, and ensure that any charges are delivered and corrected to the appropriate amount.

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Cost Validation Services

Ensure your business meets it’s energy management needs with the support and services offered by The Energy Desk. 

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If you’d like to know more about how TED can help with utility bill optimisation, bespoke energy management packages for your business or our energy procurement services please call our team on 03330 151 221

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The Energy Desk is proud to be an independent energy management company, working with our customers, partners and suppliers to find the best energy solution. Helping you save money on your business costs, without the hassle. 

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