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With over a decade of gas purchasing experience, the team at The Energy Desk have been helping customers save money on their commercial gas for years. As independent energy brokers, we work with our clients to secure them the best gas prices at any given time by monitoring the live market.

We’re proud to be the go-to commercial gas suppliers, working with a broad range of different clients, including individual retailers, pub groups, development offices, industrial manufacturers, leisure chains and government offices. To meet the needs of our clients, we have developed a wide spectrum of delivery options to offer the best practice, cost and service.


We arrange gas contracts for companies of all sizes ranging from a local shop up to blue chip companies, dealing with business owners and energy managers. No matter whether you’re a small to medium enterprise, corporate business or have numerous sites across the country, TED can help you save money on your gas.

SME Gas Procurement services

Our SME Fixed Price Energy Plans protect your business from unexpected energy price increases and guarantee you a low fixed rate for the full term of the energy supply contract.

Unlike Electricity, SME Gas contracts can sometimes be tendered up to a year in advance, meaning you can take advantage of buying your contract and locking prices in when the energy market is low.

Multi-site Gas Procurement services

If you require gas for 5 or more sites TED can assess your current contracts and negotiate with your suppliers to source the most competitively priced contract to suit your requirements.

Flexible purchasing

Volatility in the energy markets has been at unprecedented levels over recent years and is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Since the 1998 market crash, the introduction of flexible procurement allows clients to trade, fix or sell energy in order to spread the risk of energy purchasing.

The Energy Desk have a variety of Flexible Procurement solutions available, ranging from simple trackers to fully flexible solutions giving a platform to buy and sell energy back.


Every energy user has different gas requirements and when talking about high volumes, one percent difference in annual spend can make a sustainable difference in cost. In recognition of this, The Energy Desk offers enhanced services around risk management, volume management, price management, energy structuring and renewable tax clarity to cover all your corporate gas needs.

Committed to sourcing the best commercial energy deal for our clients, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who is always on hand to advise and support you and will recommend the best time to purchase gas through careful analysis of the market trends.

We contact over 15 different suppliers across the country including ‘green’ suppliers to achieve the best possible price and the best eco-friendly tariff for your business.


Our commercial gas procurement services include:

  • Fully fixed 1-5 year contracts
  • Flexible gas purchasing
  • Basket buying
  • Quarterly reviewed contracts
  • Interruptible contracts

Questions about Commercial Gas

What is the process of switching gas supplier?

If you’re looking at switching gas suppliers, The Energy Desk compare 15 suppliers, including the big 6 and smaller energy companies, to find the best price for your business. Our team can take care of this for you, handling everything from risk management to renewing your gas supplier. Simply call us on 03330 151 221 and speak to one of our experienced team to help you switch suppliers.

How long does it take to switch gas suppliers?

Typically, switching gas suppliers will take no longer than 17 days. This allows for businesses to change their mind up to two weeks.

How does a gas price comparison work?

By tendering to the current market, energy companies can be compared in terms of how much they charge for their gas. The price comparison will include both the big 6 and other energy companies, where The Energy Desk will find the best and cheapest deal for your business.

What is an SME?

Small to medium-sized enterprise, defined by the European Commission as a business or company that has fewer than 250 employees.

Is your gas contract cost effective?

If you already have a multi-site gas contract we can help with this too. Simply give us a call for a free health check and we will analyse how cost effective it is and present the results to you. We can also advise on the best time to purchase your gas up to 2 years in advance by tracking and analysing market trends.

What is flexible purchasing?

Flexible purchasing allows you to take advantage of price changes in the energy market, so you can spread your price risk over a number of purchasing decisions throughout the year.

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If you have any questions regarding our gas services, you may find them in our most frequently asked questions. However, if your query hasn’t been answered, then don’t be afraid to get in touch. Call us on 03330 151 221 or have one of our specialists call you by completing our quick contact form.

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