TED are equipped to provide customers with the right solutions for their utility requirements.

It is our aim to ensure businesses energy procurement needs can be met through comprehensive energy solutions.  

The Energy Desk’s long standing reputation as a utility brokerage grants the opportunity to work with all major gas suppliers. As a result, we have access to the most current, competitive pricing to provide businesses with best suited utility contracts.


The Energy Desk can find your business the best commercial gas contracts by tendering live to the market. With over 10 years experience as commercial gas suppliers, we have helped businesses of varying sizes, from a range of industries, to reduce their overall energy expenditure. 

All of our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager who will provide expert advice and guidance to help you find the best deals on commercial gas to suit you.

Commercial Gas Procurement Options

TED are able to assist with numerous types of gas procurement opportunities for a wide range of businesses in a wealth of sectors and always endeavour to minimise disruption.

Commercial Gas Procurement

We arrange gas contracts for companies of all sizes ranging from a local shop, to blue chip companies. The TED team is frequently dealing with business owners and energy managers across a range of sectors. No matter whether you’re a small to medium enterprise, corporate business or have numerous sites across the country, TED can help you save time and money when it comes to your gas bills.

SME Gas Procurment

The Energy Desk’s SME Fixed Price Energy Plans protect businesses from unexpected energy price increases and guarantee you a low fixed rate for the full term of the energy supply contract.

Unlike Electricity, SME Gas contracts can sometimes be tendered up to a year in advance, meaning our customers can take advantage of buying your contract and locking prices in when the energy market is low.

Multi-Site Gas Procurement

The Energy Desk can assess your current contracts if you require gas for 5 or more business sites and negotiate with your suppliers to source the most competitively priced contract to suit your requirements. TED can analyse how cost effective your current contract is and present the results to you. TED can also advise on the best time to purchase your gas up to 2 years in advance by tracking and analysing market trends.

Flexible Purchasing

The Energy Desk have a variety of Flexible Procurement solutions available, ranging from simple trackers to fully flexible solutions providing a platform to buy and sell energy back
Volatility in the energy markets has been at unprecedented levels over recent years and is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Since the 1998 market crash, the introduction of flexible procurement allows clients to trade, fix or sell energy in order to spread the risk of energy purchasing.

TED understands that gas procurement for many sectors can be difficult. Talk to TED and challenge us to identify the best procurement for your business needs. 


TED’s commercial gas procurement services include:

When purchased at an opportune time, keeping the same low gas prices for 5 years can prove to be extremely cost effective.

Flexible purchasing allows TED’s customers to take advantage of price changes in the energy market allowing businesses the opportunity to spread price risks over several purchasing decisions throughout the year.

Utilising TED Tech, TED can provide granular data logging to better understand customer consumption and advise accordingly on how best to manage business energy consumption.

TED can provide what is known as basket deals, companies join our ‘basket’ and buy as a group / collective, the group purchase allows for bulk buying, which can provide better pricing than what could be obtained through single site purchasing.

TED can offer contracts that are reviewed on a quarterly basis, giving customers the chance to drop it in favour of a better deal that may appear mid-way through the contract if energy prices increase or decline.

Monitor your energy consumption and bills live, with Ted tech...

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