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The Energy Desk Foundation

The Energy Desk Foundation is a charity dedicated to making a difference to cancer sufferers around the world.

By bringing together like minded artists at one off music concerts featuring living legends and new talent alike, it has raised some much needed funds for cancer research and numerous cancer support groups.

But the fight is still far from over. The Energy Desk Foundation have now added their weight to the campaign by launching Versus Cancer; a way of helping companies fulfil their corporate social responsibility objectives by giving money to charity through the purchasing of their utilities.

Donating A Portion Of Our Revenue To Charitable Causes

By providing a free utilities Health Check we can assess how much a company can save each year on its fuel bills. Then, if they sign up with The Energy Desk Foundation, we donate a portion of our revenue to the charity fund.

An instant contribution… without lifting a finger.

If you’d like to know how you can get involved and learn more, please just get in touch today.

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