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New analysis outlines the future of the UK’s energy sector

The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) recently launched a new analysis, outlining the future of the UK’s energy sector.

The ADE analysis is in response to the government’s legally binding Net Zero target, alongside the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) Net Zero report, which was published in May.

Moving away from standard gas and electricity, the UK’s energy revolution will see the country generate energy by a single integrated system.

Power, heat and transport systems will work together, designed around the household or business needs.

As the customer consumes energy, they will also be able to generate and store it, whilst influencing the timing for when the energy needed is supplied.

Remain energy efficient with CHP

A “future-smart, user-led system” will replace our traditional systems, as customers can participate in and benefit from an integrated system.

According to the analysis, energy efficiency has the ability to cut as much as £400 a year from households’ energy bills and £6 billion from business’ between now and 2030.

Across 2,000 sites in the UK, there are currently 5.8 GWe of highly efficient combined heat and power systems.

These provide 6.4% of all the UK’s generated electricity and 7% of total heat demand, with 10 million tonnes of CO2 saved in 2018.

CHP located at businesses onsite using the heat that is normally lost, could triple from over 5 GW to over 15 GW by 2050. This is the equivalent of 7 large power stations.

In line with the Net Zero goal, a CHP system would use low carbon fuels.

However, according to the ADE, a zero-carbon energy system can only happen when energy customers and local energy assume central importance to UK energy generation.

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