Michels and Taylor Case Study

Discover how TED saved Michels and Taylor money on their MOP/DCDA agreements. 

About Michels & Taylor

One of the UK’s leading hotel asset management, hotel management and consultancy companies, Michels & Taylor was founded in 2010 with a view to combine the best in the business for their respective industry. As one of the largest hotel asset management companies in Europe, Michels & Taylor, works with over 100 hotels including independents and international chains. 

Due to the nature of their business, Michels & Taylor know the hotel industry inside and outside and are actually aware of the needs these types of companies have when it comes to maximising and managing their assets.

Michels & Taylor Hilton

Project Brief

The Energy Desk has been working alongside Michels & Taylor since May 2018 with their energy requirement plans and general procurement needs. Most recently, Michels & Taylor approached The Energy Desk looking to secure a group MOP contract. By going down this route, Michels & Taylor knew they could save money and gain easy access to data that would have otherwise been less readily available and have taken a much longer amount of time to obtain. 

Most recently, Michels & Taylor required MOP contracts for 11 different meters, across nine separate sites. As it is a UK legal requirement for every half-hourly meter to have a MOP contract alongside a DA/DC contract, this was a hugely important project for both TED and the client themselves.

It wasn’t long before The Energy Desk team began working their magic of filling in the gaps, saving our client Michels & Taylor money from the start. If a specific MOP or DC/DA contract isn’t selected, then energy providers will select one, resulting in the client having little to no control over this and the subsequent costs. 

Consequently, The Energy Desk’s knowledgeable team of energy industry professionals wasted no time in getting to work, saving Michels & Taylor from the headache of chasing after these contracts.

Once Michels & Taylor instructed The Energy Desk to appoint MOP and DC/DA contracts, cost savings were quickly made. In total, TED saved Michels & Taylor the sum of £858. 

Following on from our success in securing cost-efficient MOP and DC/DA contracts for Michels & Taylor, TED is also supporting the client to install CT Sensors. The panoramic power sensors will enable Michels & Taylor to achieve even greater levels of energy monitoring and realise their full energy performance goals. As a result, Michels & Taylor is on track to save money through smart energy solutions delivered by the TED team. 

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