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Water in England

From April 2017, every business in England will be able to choose who their water supplier is. Deregulation took place in Scotland in 2008, becoming the first country in the world with a deregulated water market.


Once deregulation has occurred, The Energy Desk can help businesses of all sizes to save money on their water supply. New water contracts can be arranged with any of the 21 major wholesalers with immediate savings to be had.

Save money on water with The Energy Desk

Deregulation means that suppliers must work harder for their business, resulting in reduced costs. The Energy Desk will provide a range of water procurements services to ensure that you get the best deal.

Water services from TED

The Energy Desk provide several water services including bill validation to ensure that you are only paying for the water you use and water procurement, where we find you the best deal available.

We also provide water audits to examine your previous water invoices, checking them against existing contract terms as well as a tariff optimisation service to ensure that charges for sewerage and drainage are correctly calculated.

To begin all The Energy Desk need is your unique SPID number on your bill and a letter of authority. We provide a dedicated account manager to you that ensures that any switching process is completed as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Find out how much you could save by switching water suppliers by getting in touch with The Energy Desk today. Contact us online and an expert member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible or call us directly on 0845 838 9830 or 01282 798 614.

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