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District Heating

District heating is the use of a centralized boiler installation to provide heat for a number of buildings. This can use a heat-only biomass boiler or the heat from a combined heat and power (CHP) plant.

The Benefits of District Heating Systems

  • Enables the efficient transportation and use of heat for a wide variety of users
  • Allows a broad range of energy generation technologies to work together to meet demand for heat
  • Enables fuel flexibility
  • Helps to efficiently manage supply and demand of energy
  • Lowers costs of energy generation
  • Dramatically increases fuel efficiency
  • Reduces labour and maintenance costs as compared to individual systems
  • Provides a means of securing significant reduction in CO2 emissions through the optimisation of heat supply in the UK
  • Extends the reach of renewables by using renewable heat efficiently and providing opportunities for the deployment of renewable technologies that otherwise wouldn’t be viable
  • Improving security of fuel supply

Save Money and Energy with TED

We will assess your energy needs in a free survey and tender your requirements to suppliers. At The Energy Desk we use our network of suppliers and manufacturers, in addition to our industry knowledge and experience, to source the most cost-effective and viable District System to suit your needs.

Take the first step towards saving money and energy by calling TED on 03330 151 221 or booking a free feasibility study online to see how our commercial energy services can help you!

How TED saves you money

How TED can help

Send TED a Letter of Authority

We need a Letter of Authority on headed paper which states that we can contact suppliers on your behalf. The Energy Desk cannot act without a Letter of Authority.


Send TED a copy of your fuel bill and a site list

This allows us to gather the data we need to tender your requirements to other suppliers.


TED will gather data from your current supplier

We will gather data such as the contract end date and annual energy consumption from your current supplier.


TED will provide a solution

By tendering your requirements to 15 suppliers across the UK we will present a cost-effective solution to suit you.


TED will visit your site

We will visit your site to ensure the solution we have presented is suitable and achievable.


TED delivers

TED will provide the solution as pre-arranged with you.

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