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Biomass Boiler

A biomass boiler is a wood fuelled heating system which provides both heating and hot water. This can be for a range of buildings including hotels, care homes and industrial premises. These boilers usually burn logs, wood pellets or wood chips, providing a reliable and cost-effective heat source for the building they are used in. Pellet and chip-fed boilers often use automatic fuel feeders which are refilled from hoppers.

Biomass produces virtually no pollution when being produced, resulting in much less pollution than that caused by fossil fuels. This undoubtedly enhances your businesses corporate social responsibility. Not only does it produce less harmful substances to the environment such as carbon dioxide but another huge advantage of biomass energy is its ability to turn harmful waste into useful energy resources, for example waste can be burnt in order to create useful biomass energy!

See how much you could save with a biomass boiler! Contact TED to book your free energy audit and feasibility study today!

Why Install a Biomass Boiler or CHP system?

  • High efficiencies, converting up to 96% of energy into usable heat
  • Significant reductions in your heating bills
  • A generous income while you save energy with the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive, meaning your business heating could be completely free
  • A carbon neutral alternative to fossil fuel systems: wood fuel releases the same amount of CO2 when burned as it has absorbed during its life
  • Tax breaks on purchase price (0% or 5% VAT)
  • Increases in property value through increases in energy efficiency of the property
  • Their own fuel store, so are ideal for off-gas areas
  • Low running costs as fuel can be sourced locally
  • A high temperature heat source to match existing distribution systems
  • Ideal installations for both new builds and retrofits, where existing heating systems have been designed around a high temperature heat source
  • Funding available through TED
  • Free System is also available if eligible

A CHP system has numerous benefits for your business, including reducing costs and protecting your business against any potential future carbon or energy efficient legislation and they are much more reliable and efficient than traditional systems. If you are interested in installing a biomass boiler for your business, or a CHP system, contact the energy experts at TED and let us find you the best energy solution for your business.

Ask TED About Biomass Boiler Installations

See how a biomass boiler could reduce heating costs and improve energy efficiency with a free feasibility study from TED. Book online today or call 08458 389 830 to find out more about our biomass procurement services!

How TED saves you money

How TED can help

Send TED a Letter of Authority

In order to contact suppliers on your behalf and utilise our £1.6 billion per year buying power in order to lower your energy consumption we need a Letter of Authority. Without this LOA the Energy Desk cannot Act on your behalf so be sure to fill it in. We also need a copy of your current utility/fuel bill so we have a benchmark we can refer to, ensuring we get the best deal to save you money.


Free Energy Health Check

Once we have received your fuel bill and Letter of Authority, TED’s experts will provide a free Energy Health Check and determine eligibility by analysing your current contract and supplier.


TED Desktop Analysis

We will gather data such as the contract end date and annual energy consumption from your current supplier. This desktop analysis will analyse your viability and identify all possible energy saving steps and measures that can be taken.


Initial Proposal

Using the data from our desktop analysis, we will present an initial proposal and determined method of funding (if required) for you.


TED will visit your site

After you’ve received your proposal TED will visit arrange to visit the site concerned and carry out an in-depth analysis in order to generate a complete final proposal which could potentially include full funding from TED or via the government. It will also include an Action Plan.


TED delivers

TED will implement plan of action and oversee the end to end management of the project.

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