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Biomass CHP Services

How TED can help

Send TED a Letter of Authority

In order to contact suppliers on your behalf and utilise our £1.6 billion per year buying power in order to lower your energy consumption we need a Letter of Authority. Without this LOA the Energy Desk cannot Act on your behalf so be sure to fill it in. We also need a copy of your current utility/fuel bill so we have a benchmark we can refer to, ensuring we get the best deal to save you money.


Free Energy Health Check

Once we have received your fuel bill and Letter of Authority, TED’s experts will provide a free Energy Health Check and determine eligibility by analysing your current contract and supplier.


TED Desktop Analysis

We will gather data such as the contract end date and annual energy consumption from your current supplier. This desktop analysis will analyse your viability and identify all possible energy saving steps and measures that can be taken.


Initial Proposal

Using the data from our desktop analysis, we will present an initial proposal and determined method of funding (if required) for you.


TED will visit your site

After you’ve received your proposal TED will visit arrange to visit the site concerned and carry out an in-depth analysis in order to generate a complete final proposal which could potentially include full funding from TED or via the government. It will also include an Action Plan.


TED delivers

TED will implement plan of action and oversee the end to end management of the project.

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Find out how TED can save you money on your energy bills.

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