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Gas Energy Reform with Project Nexus

Gas Energy Reform with Project Nexus

The gas industry will undergo major changes to its system to improve how costs are calculated, data sharing and will replace ageing systems to make the industry run more efficiently. Currently, the central gas system operated by Xoserve, also known as the UK Link system isn’t as effective as it needs to be to provide a reliable service to consumers.

What this change means for the gas industry

The change comes after a call for reform to the system for process improvements and the ability to gain more data from a roll out of Smart Metering from TED. The handover to the new system is called Project Nexus and will be managed by Ofgem and PwC. The change is due to happen on 1st June 2017, however there will be ‘non-effective’ days where the new system will be implemented. These days will occur from 23rd-31st May and could cause a delay where consumers are switching supplier, however consumers will be informed should this affect them.

The changes will benefit the industry in a number of ways, including giving gas transporters (GTs) a more efficient way to share data with Xoserve when suppliers change or a meter exchange takes place. Other benefits include a new settlement class structure to ensure daily and non-daily metered services are settled in a more efficient way. Also, the calculation of metered annual consumption is currently calculated in time for each October. This will change and quantities will become rolling so data is readily available and annual quantities can be calculated much easier. Businesses can significantly benefit from Metering Services.

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Smart metering from The Energy Desk

The Energy Desk can help you install smart meters for your business and can offer advice in this period of change where your smart meter is concerned. TED can help advice the best time of smart meters for your business based on your energy consumption. For more information on Project Nexus and smart metering, contact The Energy Desk online.

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