20% of British Consumers have not changed their energy provider

Did you know that despite a record number of people switching energy providers, at least a fifth of British consumers haven’t ever made the change. The Energy Desk can help you find a better gas and electricity vendor for your domestic property completely free by using our Ask TED service! All it takes is thirty seconds, the time it takes to boil the kettle for a nice cup of tea. So why is it that according to Utility Weekly, 23% of people are yet to change their energy provider?

Compare Energy Suppliers

Many people aren’t aware that there are other options for them out there, they don’t need to stick with one energy provider for their entire life. You could potentially be saving hundreds of pounds on your gas and electric bills each year, but might not know where to begin.

Ask TED is a dedicated service from The Energy Desk, where all we need is your estimate usage and postcode and we compare over thirty of the leading energy providers in the market to bring you the best possible quotes. Many suppliers are now with uSwitch which makes the transfer as seamless as possible.

The ‘big six’s prices seem to be continually increasing, but there are more suppliers on the market than ever before, each with their own unique selling point and most of which will be happy to help you decrease your annual / monthly bill. Matt Clemow, the chief executive at Igloo who carried out the survey said that “Currently there are nine million loyal customers being ripped off by staying with the big six”. So, what are you waiting for? See how much money you could be saving and use Ask TED to compare money on your energy.

Change your Gas and Electricity Supplier today

The Energy Desk are dedicated to helping you switch your energy provider so that you can save money. Check out our latest blog on how quickly you could change your gas or electric supplier here. To find out more, get in touch with The Energy Desk today on 03330 151 221  or contact us online for an expert to get back to you at your convenience.

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20% of British Consumers have not changed their energy provider