5 Renewable Energy Sources You Need to Know About

Energy use is a huge part of your carbon footprint, making alternative sources a better way to go. Electricity makes up 20% of the UK’s energy use, with 43% of that from fossil fuels and just 37% from renewable energy sources. That has a huge impact on the world, but you can improve those odds by looking at ways to use renewable energy sources in your home and business.

Solar Energy

The sun is a very powerful energy source and you can use it not only for electricity but also for heat. Solar panels are placed on the roof or another area of the home where they can receive plenty of sunlight that is then converted into electricity for use in the house. A battery can be set up so that you are able to store energy for use at night and during overcast days.

Solar water heaters are quite useful and very eco-friendly. The hot water may be pumped through the home to heat it, which further reduces the cost and impact of heating the home.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump collects heat from the ground, air, or water, and turns it into a method of heating your home without the need for outside energy. It’s a good way to make use of natural heat and to ensure your home is always at the right temperature.

Air to water heat pumps, for example, use the heat that is collected from ambient air. This is a completely renewable and free energy source that you can use for both heating the home and for providing hot water.

Biomass Boilers

Heating your home can be quite risky to the environment if you use oil or gas. To prevent this, you can use a biomass boiler. These boilers heat your home using renewable fuels, such as wood, which can be regrown over and over again. The wood is often in the form of pellets or wood chips, which are more efficient. The end result is a boiler that provides the needed warmth for the house and water but uses minimal fuel.


Wind power is available from both offshore and onshore wind farms in the UK and is the biggest source of renewable power. It provides clean, consistent power, thanks to a never-ending abundance of moving air around the world. This power is part of the production of electricity and is rarely used for personal energy in a home but contributes to the overall energy used in the UK.

You can start becoming more eco-friendly today by incorporating more renewable energy sources into your home. Contact The Energy Desk for more information on your options.

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5 Renewable Energy Sources You Need to Know About