A Guide To Energy Optimisation Technology

We all know about the power of renewable energy for reducing the carbon footprint of a building. Although these systems provide the most comprehensive green energy and carbon footprint reduction, there are also many simple ways to shave the cost of energy. Here we take a look at some ways to optimise the energy you receiving from traditional supplies, like gas boilers and the national grid.

What Are Energy Optimisation Technologies?

Dynamic Boiler Controls

Dynamic boilers controls, like the Dynamic Burner Management Unit, are designed to work with gas and oil boilers. These units improve boiler efficiency by increasing the time which a boiler burns, but over fewer periods. Fuel burns more efficiently when it is done for longer periods but over fewer instances, which is the ultimate aim of dynamic boiler controls.

One of the benefits of integrating these controls is that they provide immediate savings, with a quick ROI and little intrusion onto your daily business operations. Using dynamic boiler controls can help you achieve the energy savings you want to make quickly.

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage optimisation is another effective and immediate way to make significant energy savings and reduce carbon emissions. The process of voltage optimisation involves ensuring that electrical appliances are operating at the voltage necessary. Many appliances operate at voltages which are much higher than required and, therefore, these appliances are wasting money as well as energy.

A voltage optimisation unit intercepts the supply from the grid before it arrives at the mains plug socket. It can then supply the electricity at the correct voltage, saving you money and increasing the lifespan of your appliances!

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A Guide To Energy Optimisation Technology