The Advantages and Disadvantages of CHP

Advantages and disadvantages of CHP

Here at The Energy Desk, our experts are frequently asked about Combine Heat and Power (CHP) and the effects that it has on businesses.

CHP is the process of simultaneously producing both electricity and heat from a single fuel source, and is a solution that is rapidly being adopted by multiple organisations across the globe.

But why is CHP becoming so popular? In this post, the energy specialists at TED provide a detailed view of the effects that cogeneration can have on your business and give an insight as to why it is becoming the must have energy service out there.

The Advantages of Combined Heat & Power

As you can probably imagine due to it’s large popularity, CHP can positively impact numerous sectors of your business.

First of all, there are many financial benefits that you will experience as a result of implementing CHP. You can expect to save a minimum of 10% on your overall energy bills, and potentially a massive 40% in savings on your electricity.

Also, by installing a CHP system you may be entitled to government grants, initiatives and funding to help you on your way to implementing the technology.

There are also several environmental benefits that arise as a result of having cogeneration as part of your organisation. CHP can dramatically reduce you carbon dioxide emissions, which can support your business in meeting any legal carbon emission requirements.

Finally, by adopting CHP the foundations of your organisation will also be better placed for the future. The Energy Desk team can help you develop diverse heating systems on top of advanced cooling provisions to help evolve your business.

So, let your organisation feel the benefits of implementing a CHP system and potentially save hundreds of pounds in the process by contacting The Energy Desk today!

CHP Disadvantages

Like most things, CHP has both its upsides and its downsides. However, although CHP’s positives heavily outweigh its negatives, there are still some circumstances as to where CHP may not be the ideal option for you.

For example, unfortunately CHP is not suited for every site. Cogeneration is only suitable for businesses where heating and hot water systems are essential. Additionally, the costs for installing CHP may initially be quite off-putting, however it is important to remember that with CHP implemented, you are guaranteed to make major savings in the years to come.

So, to learn how your business can benefit of CHP in the long run give the TED team a call today on 03330 151 221 

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of CHP