Benefit from waste to energy technology

Benefit from waste to energy technology

The Energy Desk (TED) is a leading provider of renewable energy technologies to both private users and businesses of all sizes. One such green technology is waste to energy and TED can design and implement large-scale systems that will reduce costs and harmful emissions.

Waste to energy systems

Whatever your energy needs, the specialists at TED can design a waste to energy plant that generates enough electricity to support your operations. Waste to energy systems also generate a constant stream of revenue as extra, unused electricity is sold back to the grid.

From concept to completion, The Energy Desk can find the right system to suit you. Waste to energy is ideal for organisations that generate a large amount of waste. These systems allow businesses to earn revenue on a resource that would otherwise be discarded.

From pyrolysis and gasification, to anaerobic digestion and bespoke PTR, speak to a specialist from TED today to find the right waste to energy system to suit you. Waste to energy allows businesses to be self-sufficient and with no upfront costs required, it is a popular option.

Funding is available on waste to energy systems with TED covering the partial or entire costs of the equipment and infrastructure needed to implement a waste to energy plant. Take advantage of a free site energy check from our experts today for your business. Our team can determine the levels of waste to energy funding.

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have about waste to energy solutions or any of the other green technologies we supply.

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Benefit from waste to energy technology