The best energy provider for SME’s

When it comes to small and medium businesses, The Energy Desk can help provide you with the best, most cost-effective energy options around.

Not only do we offer gas and electricity at excellent prices, our expert energy advisors can help you decide on the best way possible to fuel your SME.

TED can help your SME with energy costs

There are a number of things to consider when opting for energy for your SME, you’ll want to consider the tariff length of your energy provision plan, as well as whether you would like a fixed, dual, flexible or eco meter. At The Energy Desk, we offer some excellent fixed energy procurement contracts for SMEs.

We can offer you expert advice, alongside a reliable energy provision package for your small or medium business. In fact, we are currently working with thousands of SMEs across the country to help reduce their energy bills and costs.

TED understands that as an SME, it is highly important that your energy is provided in a convenient manner and does not incur any hidden costs. In addition, SME’s require clear, best priced offers that can help your business maximise on profit.

Commercial Heating Oil Procurement

Heating oil procurement is effective for commercial businesses, no matter what size they are. With The Energy Desk, SMEs can benefit from heating oil energy procurement, from kerosene, gas oil and red diesel, all of which will be supplied and delivered to suit your individual business requirements, for minimum hassle.

SME Electricity Procurement

A clear advantage of opting for SME electricity procurement with The Energy Desk is the fact that you will have your own account manager to assess your business’ needs and provide you with expert advice. You’ll also have the option to choose a fixed rate electricity option that is designed to provide you with peace of mind, as well as an excellent deal.

SME Gas Procurement

Here at The Energy Desk, we currently work with over 8000 SMEs throughout Ireland and, as a number one rule, ensure that we offer a convenient, reliable service, at excellent prices, and include no hidden costs whatsoever.

Our fixed rate gas procurement contracts are popular due to the fact that they offer excellent value as well as stability for SMEs. The price agreed today remains constant over the lifetime of the contract – which is usually 1, 2 or 3 years.

Get the best energy procurement price from TED

In some cases procurement contracts can be purchased up to a year in advance, meaning you can decide to purchase an SME energy contract when the prices are low.

Energy prices are at their lowest in the peak of summer, so it’s advisable to secure a procurement contract at this time of year to help save you and your SME money. If you’d like to get a price for energy procurement from TED, contact a member of the team directly by calling 00353 1531 2979 or get in touch with TED online to get the best price for your SME.

Monitor your energy consumption and bills live, with Ted tech...

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The best energy provider for SME’s