Biogas CHP’s for Distilleries – Waste to Energy

Due to the increasingly high demands for thermal and electrical energy and the costs associated, many distilleries are beginning to explore different methods of enhancing their energy efficiency and overall environmental awareness. Now more than ever distilleries are investing in low carbon and renewable energy technologies, namely generating renewable energy from waste.

Distilleries produce vast amounts of solid and liquid bio-waste which if harnessed correctly using anaerobic digestion (renewable energy process) could not only make the distillery self-sufficient and reduce waste management transportation costs, it also aids the enhancement of the distilleries CSR namely in the form of a reduced carbon footprint.

How the Biogas is best used?

Biogas fuel is best utilised with a CHP unit which would generate onsite heat and electricity.

Why use renewable energy produced from waste?

Unrivalled energy efficiency

The energy produced by the Biogas CHP system would effectively replace the demand for energy required from the National Grid. Couple that with the fact that generating renewable energy is almost twice as efficient as generating conventional energy, 86% efficiency and 50 % efficiency respectively, and it’s easy to see why distilleries are choosing renewable energy.

Reduced carbon footprint

Biogas has a reputation for its sustainable and carbon neutral qualities, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint and enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibilities. EU Waste Framework Directive provides further benefits and income for Biogas.

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Biogas CHP’s for Distilleries – Waste to Energy