Biomass Installations for Poultry Sheds

Over a 12-month period The Energy Desk installed nearly 4MW of renewable heating into 26 poultry sheds on five sites in in the North West.

The client is an integrated broiler business supplying chickens to retailers via its processing partners. The poultry company initially decided to implement a biomass scheme at a single site, to cut fuel costs, benefit from the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme and improve the growing environment of its chicks by minimising CO2 and other harmful emissions in the sheds.2

Biomass Systems from The Energy Desk

Following a successful installation at site 1, we were approached to supply and install biomass boiler systems at a further four locations, bringing the total number of sheds being heated through renewable technology to 26.

For the following projects we worked collaboratively with the other heating system installers to ensure successful completion. This included improved overall project planning and flexibility on both delivery dates and installation times.

In order to fit in with the poultry crop rotation and minimise and possible “down time” from the works, our installers worked under pressure at 3 of the sites to ensure supply, installation, commissioning and full completion of the heating systems in an extremely short timeframe. Site works were condensed and 2 sites were completed in the same week in March 2014.

Investing in the future

TED has taken full responsibility for the continued successful working of the biomass boiler systems on all five poultry rearing sites, providing free re-training visits as well as checking the efficient performance of the heating installations and confidence of the trained operatives every 4-6 weeks.1

Delivering significant savings

As well as significantly reducing the farm’s use of non-renewable fuels, the company has also improved the health and welfare of its birds by reducing both the moisture and CO2 levels at all 26 of the sheds using biomass heating.

Working in partnerships we have ensured minimal future reliance on fossil fuels, a healthier growing environment for the chicks and a significant fuel saving across the poultry business with a 90+% reduction in LPG use across the five sites. All of the individual installations are eligible for the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment scheme, providing additional financial benefits to the client.

System details

In total the client now has a renewable heating boiler capacity of just unde3r 4,000kW (4MW). The boilers installed range from Herz BioFire 600kW to Herz BioFire 995kW boilers, each designed for burning quality wood chip. The fuel stores are located in existing builders with concreted floors providing 6m2 footprints, approximately 36m3 fuel capacity.

A 6mØ spring arm agitator is installed into each fuel store to move the fuel onto an auger delivering the chip into the boiler situated in an adjacent plant room. The existing LPG heaters have now all been replaced and all sheds are using indirect heat via hot water radiators.

Contact The Energy Desk

If you would like more information regarding the renewable energy systems that The Energy Desk provide, please get in touch. Contact us online or give our team a call directly on 03330 151 221  or 01282 798 614 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Biomass Installations for Poultry Sheds