Businesses Can Get Paid for Switching Off

Business electricity supplier SmartestEnergy has agreed to provide demand side response (DSR) capacity in the UK Government’s Capacity Market auction next year. Businesses that  sign up for the new service will get paid for reducing their energy usage when demand on the National Grid is high – similar to the wider Demand Response scheme.

For example, businesses could turn off their refrigeration equipment in cold stores for several hours at times of peak demand, without the temperature rising too high. Said business would then get paid for turning off their equipment.

Your Business Can Earn Money Through Responsible Energy Use

The DSR scheme helps businesses to be more responsible with their energy usage while providing wider benefits in terms of making energy demand more responsive and sustainable, reducing the nation’s CO2 emissions and risk of blackouts.

Companies that aren’t SmartestEnergy customers can partake in the Demand Response scheme set up by the National Grid. Find out more about how your business can secure energy funding with The Energy Desk.

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Businesses Can Get Paid for Switching Off