How Soon can I Change my Gas or Electric Supplier?

Energy prices have been much debated over the last few months, especially with the upcoming tariff cap mandated by the British Parliament which will affect households across the UK. The Energy Desk are committed to helping you instantly find the best possible prices for your gas and electric with our dedicated Ask TED service. In less than a minute, you could be able to find a better deal on your energy, whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer.

Compare Leading Energy Providers

The Energy Desk work with both businesses and individual households to provide quotes from over thirty providers of gas and electricity. Simply enter your estimated usage and postcode into Ask TED, and we will do the rest. Our service will look at the average energy bill price for your area and compare it to what you are currently paying, so you can clearly see how much you will be able to save each year when you switch.

Many of the suppliers that are included in our price comparisons are part of the uSwitch service which aims to make the transition period between your current and new provider as seamless as possible. If you like a quote, you can apply straight away and, providing the gas or electric company is part of uSwitch, you could be paying less for your bills within twenty-one days!

Why choose Ask TED?

Not only do Ask TED help compare energy prices for gas and electricity, but our team are happy to provide expert advice for companies. The Energy Desk’s experts will consult with you and discuss industry trends and will advise you when the best time to switch energy supplier is. From quarterly reviewed tariffs to fixed contracts, Ask TED can help you save money on your gas and electric.

Get a cheaper price for your Gas and Electric

Thirty seconds is all it takes to save money on your energy bills. Why not use ASK Ted for your home bills? You can also use ASK Ted if you’re part of a business looking to reduce gas and electric costs.

If you’re happy with your current bill but need someone to help manage your energy bill, then have a look at our Bill Optimisation Service.

Learn more about how your business could save with the commercial energy broker.

Monitor your energy consumption and bills live, with Ted tech...

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How Soon can I Change my Gas or Electric Supplier?