The CHP market has been tipped to grow in the next 5 years!

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is also commonly referred to as cogeneration, and is the process of simultaneously producing electricity and heat from a single fuel source, like natural gases, biogas, coal or oil. CHP is widely regarded as being more economically friendly than other energy solutions, and has a number of additional financial, operational and legislative benefits as well.

Because of this, CHP become a popular choice among businesses, with many major U.K organisations including Premier League football clubs such as Newcastle United choosing to adopt this approach.

So, in our latest news article the energy service experts here at TED reveal how recently emerged research suggests that even more businesses are going to opt for a CHP system in the coming years, and let you know how the TED team can identify the perfect CHP system for your business!

More businesses to have CHP systems by 2023

Global Info Research are the self-proclaimed largest market research store in the world and offer in excess of 1.5 million research resources on a wide range of different subjects, all to help organisations in making decisions that make business sense.

In one of their recent reports, Global Info Research looked into the current state of the CHP installation market, and provided a prediction of what they expect the CHP market to look like in 2023.

The forecast revealed that the demand for CHP systems is going to grow within the next 5 years in countries located all over the world, with substantial projected growth identified in China and Europe.

The report claims that factors such as carbon saving targets becoming more common and the increase in stricter environment emission norms are going to be responsible for this growth. The United Kingdom and Germany are two countries that have been singled out specifically to experience a significant growth in CHP system installations.

Slash your energy costs with a CHP system from TED

At The Energy Desk, our experts regularly help businesses within an array of different industries in installing gas and oil CHP systems.

A CHP system can help you save 10% on your current energy bills and is an efficient option that also allows you to benefit off government grants and initiatives that can financially assist you during the installation process.

To learn more about how The Energy Desk can help you install a CHP system for your business, head on over to our dedicated CHP system page!

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The CHP market has been tipped to grow in the next 5 years!