Commercial biomass funding

Funding for Commercial Biomass
TED Green specialised in helping commercial customers get the best energy services for their money with biomass projects. TED Green can provide funding and arrange installation.
Our commercial biomass funding is a great way to switch to renewable energy without incurring huge costs to your business. Switching to commercial biomass has many benefits including reduced energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Renewable energy funding

TED Green works closely with each business to understand their energy needs. We can also make reliable and informative recommendations for the best renewable energy solution. Our team will even provide a free site energy health check. This determines how much money and energy you can save through switching to a renewable biomass energy system.

The Energy Desk can provide funding support for businesses that implement energy-efficient LED lighting systems. Switching to LED lighting reduces your energy costs compared to traditional lighting bulbs and systems. We can help reduce the cost of and even offer fully funded installations in certain situations regarding  energy saving LED lighting systems .

Generating your own energy through solar energy systems can significantly reduce your costs and reliance on external suppliers. Excess energy generated can be sold back to the National Grid, creating an extra source of revenue for your business. As with biomass energy projects, there are government incentives for implementing commercial solar panels onto the exterior of your business.

Biomass Funding Incentives

TED Green will assess biomass funding options, such as the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme from the government, as well as other renewable energy incentives to determine what funding option is best for you.

TED Green can help you fund the whole of your biomass project, from the installation of your biomass system, through to the completion of your project and monitoring energy usage to ensure your business makes great savings.

Get a biomass CHP system through TED today and you will start to witness unrivalled overall efficiency of up to 80% and easily see your electricity costs cut by up to 40%.

Combined with partial or complete funding from The Energy Desk, biomass CHP systems offer an incredible opportunity to make substantial financial savings while improving your green credentials to your customers, investors and the wider community Find out more about Biomass Energy Solutions here .

Commercial RHI

The RHI is a scheme which provides funding from the government for business to install renewable energy solutions such as commercial biomass boilers. The RHI can provide businesses with on-going funding to install, develop, run and maintain a commercial biomass project. You may be wondering what exactly bioenergy is and how biomass generates energy, if so, take a looks at this helpful blog explaining biomass energy.

Apply for a Commercial Heating Grant in 2022 with TED

The Energy Desk understand that businesses may not be aware of the energy funding opportunities available to them. Our team will work closely with your business so that we may advise and educate on how to become a greener business with renewable energy installations. TED will help you find the best renewable technology for your business as well as find funding for commercial biomass projects. If you’re still not too sure if biomass is right for your business, read more about the advantages of biomass.

Get in touch with TED

If you would like to find out more about our commercial biomass funding or more about the RHI scheme, get in touch with TED Green online. Alternatively call our renewable energy experts on 03330 151 221 .

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Commercial biomass funding