How to Compare Energy Companies

All businesses want to make sure they’re getting the best price for their energy. But how can you get a realistic and accurate comparison of energy companies, when the companies themselves are of course biased to their own services, and comparison websites are often paid more to favour a certain supplier?

Impartial Energy Price Comparison

Use The Energy Desk, an independent, end-to-end energy management company that works with all Irish suppliers and so has no affiliations with any! We work with all Irish energy suppliers to ensure we can get the best possible energy deals and prices for all our clients. So whether you’re looking for a fixed price gas contract or flexible electricity purchasing, we can get the most suitable deal for your business requirements.

When you choose The Energy Desk for a free energy health check, we will analyse your energy needs and usage, gathering data from your current supplier to get a good understanding of your energy requirements and how much you’re currently paying. We will then tender this data to all other Irish energy suppliers and present the results to you, complete with prices and available deals. We can provide impartial advice about the best deal for your business needs, budget and appetite for risk, and even advise about the best time to purchase energy for the future based on current market trends.

 Compare Energy Companies with TED

If you’d like to compare energy companies to get the best price for your business energy, call the TED team today or fill in our quick contact form for a call back.

Who is the best provider of gas and electricity?

When finding an energy supplier to suit you, take into consideration the price. The actual gas and electricity flowing through your home remains the same, therefore the best provider will often be based on the best price for you. To find the best energy supplier today, run a price comparison with TED.

How do I find the cheapest energy provider?

To find the cheapest energy supplier, run a price comparison.

How do I change my energy supplier UK?

To change energy suppliers, run a price comparison. By entering your details, household details and current energy plan, you will be able to compare all the energy suppliers available and get an instant quote. From there, you can choose your ideal supplier and begin the switching process by entering your payment option.

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How to Compare Energy Companies