Corporate green energy soars

New data from Bloomberg NEF has reported global businesses beat the record for the amount of clean energy bought through power purchase agreements in 2018.

Investment levels showed significant highs, with 13.4GW of clean energy contracts signed by 121 corporations in 21 different countries.

Analysts of the leading provider of primary research on clean energy, revealed the U.S accounted for the majority of corporate buyers who were opting for a green economy. They were recorded for 60% of the deals worldwide with 8.5 gigawatts. The market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa was the world’s second biggest, with a total 2.3 GW.

The data showed that the clean energy contracts signed by corporations, more than doubled from 2017.

Smaller companies join clean energy

Bloomberg NEF specifically noticed smaller corporate companies increasingly signed up to clean energy power purchase agreements, making an important feature to the market.

Smaller companies are often worried about the additional costs of renewable energy compared to ‘normal’ energy. However, businesses who have invested in clean energy have combined their purchases, reaping economies of scale from larger solar and wind projects.

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Corporate green energy soars