Which Electricity Service is Right for Your Business?

If you run a business, then naturally you’ll want to make sure that operations are as efficient and cost effective as possible, and that includes your energy services. A business’s energy bills can quickly add up, especially if you’re not getting the best deal. Many businesses also have high rates of electricity usage, so you’ll need an electricity service that’s reliable, efficient and gives you great value for money.

Energy auctions and high intensive user services are two popular options for businesses with a high electricity consumption, but which service is right for you? If you’re thinking about switching energy providers or want to know more about the options available, read on for our handy guide to energy auctions vs high intensive user services.

What is an energy auction service?

An energy auction allows businesses to compare a range of fixed, flex tracker and spot offers on a like for like basis. During the auction, suppliers bid against each other to win long term contracts by supplying energy at the most competitive prices. Suppliers can view each other’s bids, so in many cases they’ll be forced to undercut each other in an attempt to offer the best deal.

Pros of using energy auction services

There are many benefits to using an online energy auction service, so if you’re considering choosing this option for the first time, read on to find out how it could benefit your business.

Great value for money

One of the principal benefits of choosing an online energy auction is that they can offer some of the best deals on electricity services. Energy suppliers will be competing against each other in order to win a contract, so  you’ll often find that prices keep dropping as suppliers attempt to offer the lowest price and best value for money. Research shows that businesses could have cost savings between 5% and 18% in comparison with traditional procurement methods.

Open and transparent

Energy auctions offer complete transparency of the procurement process, as well as price transparency. The contract award process is also completely open and fair, so each participant knows where they stand. Auctions also keep clear records of their methods and suppliers can revisit bids at any time.

Time saving

Calling different suppliers to compare quotes can be time consuming if you run a busy company, so save yourself the hassle by choosing an energy auction. The process can take as little as 30 minutes and customers can compare quotes in real time. It saves time for auction participants too, as they have the option to receive email updates of their bids and ranking.


Energy auctions adhere to a strict set of bidding rules, as well as being fully legally compliant. An audit trail also logs all auction activity so you can revisit any stats or information if needed. This security offers additional peace of mind for customers and ensures that everything is above board.


Energy auctions aren’t for everyone and in some cases it can be difficult to know if you’re getting a good deal. Energy auctions can offer excellent value for money, but this depends on your knowledge of the current market price. Some suppliers may be offering the lowest price compared to their competition, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s lower than the actual market price.

Margins are also very slim and suppliers are forbidden from pricing their electricity below the market price. This means that they might add an extra margin to their starting bid so it looks more impressive when they eventually drop their prices.

What are high intensive user services?

If your business consumes a high volume of electricity, you would be classed as a high intensive user. If you’re unsure about how much energy you’re using, you could install an electricity usage meter to track your consumption. High intensive user services are for any company with high energy demands, to help them save money and get the most out of their energy supplier.

These services aim to cause as little disruption to your business as possible, while helping you to procure the best deals. Companies offering this service have access to leading rates from different energy suppliers so they can work with you to find the best electricity options for your business. This might include, arranging for you to switch suppliers, taking advantage of the latest technology or arranging renewable energy services for your business.

Pros of using high intensive user services

Save time and money

Many businesses simply won’t have the time to compare dozens of different energy tariffs and electricity deals, but a high intensive user service can do so on your behalf. As mentioned, companies offering these services have access to leading rates from a wide range of suppliers, so they can work with your specific requirements to get the best deal.

In some cases you may even be entitled to government savings if you’re part of an ‘energy intensive industry’. This includes sectors such as steel, chemicals, engineering and construction, whose energy usage accounts for a significant percentage of production costs.

Minimal disruption

If you do choose to switch energy suppliers, you’ll want as little disruption as possible to minimise downtime and interruptions to productivity. Services for high intensive users aim to enhance a business’s position with minimal disruption and they’ll take care of any switch overs on your behalf, so you can concentrate on running the business. Expert knowledge also ensures that you’ll be getting the best deal possible, so there’s no risk of disrupting business by choosing an electricity service that doesn’t work for you.

Discover new technologies

If your business consumes a great deal of electricity, you’ll want to be aware of the latest technologies which might help. Services for high intensive users will be aware of the latest technological advances and how they could benefit your business, including voltage optimisation and other renewable energy technologies.


There are no particular downsides to choosing high intensive user services, however you may not need these services if your consumption is relatively low. Monitoring your business’s energy usage can give you a good idea of how much you’re consuming and help you to decide whether it’s worth spending money on these services.

Which is best for my business?

Energy auctions and high intensive user services both offer great ways to save your business significant time and money. If your electricity usage is on the lower end of the scale, then you’re best choosing an energy auction service to help secure the best deal.

If you run a larger business, or work in a sector with a very high electricity consumption, then high intensive user services are likely to be preferable. These services are also a great choice if you have a high consumption of other utilities, such as water or gas. Ultimately, both services are available to make sure your business gets the best deal, so discuss your specific requirements with a professional energy company and discover how you could make savings.

Get the best deal on your commercial electricity with help from The Energy Desk

If you’re looking for flexible options for your commercial electricity services, get in touch with the experts at The Energy Desk. We’ll help you secure the best deal for your business and are proud to offer both online energy auction services and help for high intensive users. Our energy management services are committed to saving you time and money with as little disruption to operations as possible, so we’re on hand to help you seamlessly switch suppliers if necessary.

We’re also on hand to help you with your other utilities services (including gas and water), plus a range of renewable energy options including biomass boilers, solar energy and ground source heat pumps. To find out more about how The Energy Desk could improve your operations and save you money, give us a call today on 03330 151 221 or contact us via our website.

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