ESOS – There’s still time to comply!

The Energy Desk will be extending our ESOS compliance availability for two more weeks until the 10th of November. We have the availability to ensure ESOS compliance is met by the 29th of January and will inform the Environment Agency on your behalf before the official December 5th deadline

Many of you within the scope of ESOS may have received a letter form Environment Agency prompting once again the deadline and partial extension.

According to the industry press (The Energyst – July 2015) only 57 of around 14,000 organisations that are required to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme have registered their compliance…and there are less than 3 months to go to the 5th December deadline.

Apologies to those who know everything there is to know about ESOS but for the purpose of this exercise we’ll assume that there are still organisations out there who have been in hiding for the last 12 months or who have maybe…just maybe missed all the hype surrounding ESOS.

The UK’s ESOS scheme applies to “large undertakings” that;

  • employs 250 or more people,
  • or has an annual turnover in excess of £38,937,777,
  • and an annual balance sheet total in excess of £33,486,489.

The scheme requires these “large undertakings” to produce detailed reports on their energy use and efficiency of their buildings, transport & processes.

So the question is “Has anybody not heard about ESOS?”

Well, contrary to earlier indications from other surveys compiled by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, research now suggests that in June 2015, 89% businesses had heard of ESOS.

But is having heard about ESOS enough?

If you are in the scope of ESOS but are not taking steps to comply………what next?

First Phase Qualification Timings:

5th Dec 2015: The first compliance date -All participants must have completed the required energy audits and notified the Environment Agency.


Failure to comply is likely to result in reputation damage with adjoining financial penalties.

  • Reputation Damage  – Your company name, details of its non-compliance and subsequent financial penalties will be published externally.
  • Financial Penalties  – These range from £5,000 to £50,000, with a rolling £500 addition per day for further non-compliance.

Please contact The Energy Desk to discuss your next steps and avoid any financial and reputational penalties.

If you would like an ESOS quote please contact TED on 0845 838 9830.


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ESOS – There’s still time to comply!