Four of The Latest Developments in The Solar Energy Industry

Solar energy is one of the most reliable and popular forms of renewable energy on the market. More and more people are deciding to invest in solar energy by installing solar panels at home, and governments are taking notice too! Morocco’s solar farm – Ouarzazate Solar Power Station – is currently the largest in the world and creates an astonishing amount of power. However, there’s always room for improvement. Here, we take a look at some of the latest developments in the solar energy industry that you should be aware of.

Artificial Intelligence and Solar Energy

It feels as though artificial intelligence is entering almost every part of our lives at the moment. It’s the tech buzzword that everyone is talking about across almost every industry and that’s no different for solar energy. Artificial intelligence is being touted as a way to improve the efficiency of solar energy.

This is achieved by having artificial intelligence systems in place to scan solar energy consumption to regulate and reduce energy waste. By doing so, the overall efficiency of these systems can be improved and homeowners and business can save more money. As well as this, improved efficiency will help reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

Solar Tiles

Solar tiles are currently available as a source of renewable solar energy on the market, however, they still require some development to ensure they are affordable. These tiles capture solar energy and are placed on the roof of a home as normal tiles are. As opposed to traditional solar panels – which can look ugly and out of place – these solar tiles do everything that panels do, but they look elegant and sleek doing it!

Continued Development of Solar Batteries

If solar panels and solar energy storage can become even more energy-efficient and cost-effective, solar batteries can also improve. By developing storage capacity of solar batteries, businesses and citizens will have greater access to renewable energy on the go.

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Four of The Latest Developments in The Solar Energy Industry