Four of The Most Important Renewable Energy Projects On The Planet

TAs we all know, the importance of renewable energy to combat the ongoing climate crisis cannot be underestimated. Without widescale change, scientists project a calamity of gargantuan proportions on the horizon. Luckily, several renewable energy projects are ongoing or projected to take off in the coming years. Here, we list just four of the most promising renewable energy projects in the world, which may help us alleviate the ongoing climate crisis.

The Largest Renewable Energy Projects on Earth:

Noor Power Plant, Morocco

The Noor Power Plant, based in the deserts of Morocco, is currently the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant project. The solar farm is located in an area which has the highest proportion of sunlight in the world and is projected to produce around 582 megawatts of electricity when the final phase is complete.

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH), Australia

The AREH is a project aiming to export vast quantities of energy from Western Australia to South East Asia. The proposed hybrid power plant will be located over a gargantuan 14,000 Km and would comprise around 10 million solar panels and 1,200 wind turbines. This would create a huge output of energy. It’s estimated that this power plant could power as many as 7 million homes.

Tidal Lagoon, Cardiff

Nearer to our shores, the tidal lagoon is another renewable energy project of significant note. This project aims to use the tidal power of the UK’s west coast and harness it into energy. Astonishingly, the plant reportedly has the potential to power every single home in Wales. If this project works as it should, the Tidal Lagoon could change the face of tidal power forever.

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Four of The Most Important Renewable Energy Projects On The Planet