Fund your renewable energy with TED

Fund your renewable energy system with TED

Renewable energy systems are perfect for reducing the energy costs of businesses and reducing their harmful impact on the environment. Despite the advantages of renewable energy, many businesses are put off implementing green energy systems due to the initial costs of installation and overall running.

The Energy Desk (TED) can help you use renewable technology, whilst making a profit.  TED help to fund renewable energy technologies so that businesses can start their rewarding journey towards sustainability.

Flexible funding from TED

TED offer flexible funding for your renewable energy. The types of funding we offer include asset funding, rental funding and lease funding. All these can significantly benefit your business.

Rental funding

TED’s rental funding agreement involves a business or public service borrowing equipment without actually owning it and paying the upfront payments of the technology.

Rental funding can be a great way to find out the best form of energy to suit your bespoke requirements. Our rental payments are generally agreed over a period of between 3 and 5 years, and are agreed at a fixed rate.

Many businesses indeed make money over and above the rental payments due to the energy savings and fuel cost savings they make. Learn more about how TED can secure rental funding for your business.

Asset funding

Asset funding from TED is funding that is given to your business based upon the assets held by your company so that the energy provider can provide the technology to suit the requirements of your business.

The assets accepted by TED include stock, sales ledger, asset finance, property and letters of credit. The amount of funding is agreed on a business-by-business basis.

Have you considered biomass energy for your business? Take a look at our useful article that discusses the advantages of biomass.

Lease funding

Similarly to our rental agreement, our lease rental agreement means that a business can have access to our renewable technology equipment without having to own it.

A business will receive all the benefits of the renewable technology, without having to pay the initial costs of installation. The legal ownership of the equipment, however, stays with TED.

There are plenty of options available at TED when it comes to securing funding for your business’ energy systems.

If you’d like to get the best deals on gas and electricity, give The Energy Desk a call on 03330 151 221  to compare gas and electricity prices.

Contact TED for renewable energy systems

If you would like to find out more information about our flexible funding options for green energy systems, and which one you think will work best for your business, then please contact us online.

Alternatively, speak to an expert member of our team directly by calling TED on 03330 151 221  or 01282 798 614.

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Fund your renewable energy with TED