The Future of Energy Procurement

European leaders have agreed upon a proposal for a single European market for electricity and gas to improve connections between member states and reduce reliance on Russia’s dominant position on the gas market.

The calls for an Energy Union have been met with mixed reviews, though the proposals are still very much yet in their infancy. Visions for the future include speeding up the installation of interconnections between states to boost energy security.

While these proposals for the future of European energy procurement are still up in the air, you can ensure that you’re getting the best deal for your business energy by choosing The Energy Desk to compare gas and electricity prices on your behalf.

Business Gas Procurement

The gas market can be incredibly volatile – particularly in the current climate – which makes it incredibly difficult for business owners to compare what they’re currently paying with prices offered by other suppliers.

That’s where The Energy Desk comes in. Our commercial gas procurement specialists will assess your current gas contract and your company gas needs to analyse how appropriate your current gas contract is – are you only paying for what you need? We will also tender your requirements to other UK gas suppliers to see if you can save money by buying your gas from elsewhere. With a flexible gas purchasing agreement you could even take advantage of low gas prices by purchasing your gas up to 2 years in advance! Learn how your business could save money with the TED commercial gas service.

Commercial Electricity Procurement

Regardless of the size and nature of your business, The Energy Desk is here to ensure you’re getting the best possible price for your commercial electricity needs. Our electricity procurement consultants will analyse your current usage and use this data to get prices from other UK electricity suppliers to see how much you could save.

TED also offer a variety of business electricity solutions to help you save money on your electricity bills. These include an exclusive online auction, demand response and optimisation technologies. Even if your business spends large amounts on energy bills across sites, find out how you can save money with TED’s corporate electricity consultants.

Talk to TED About Reducing Business Energy Bills Today

The Energy Desk specialists are committed to helping businesses across the UK reduce their energy bills and usage. Go online to find out more about our energy procurement services.

Please call the TED team today on 01282 798614 or see how much you could save when you book your free no obligation energy health check.

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The Future of Energy Procurement