‘Green Energy’ not to blame for high energy bills

Following the introduction of green policies by the UK government to help tackle the effects of climate change, some energy companies have claimed that these policies are to blame for the recent growth in some business’s energy bills.

However, contrary to the claims of these energy companies, a recent report from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) has revealed that these green policies are not responsible for the recent spike in energy costs.

So, in our latest blog post, the energy service team here at TED take a more detailed look at the UKERC report, and supply you with details on how our team can help you if you are not pleased with your recent energy bills.

UK environmental policy costs are among the lowest in Europe

In a response to recent claims from a selection of energy companies, researchers from UKERC studied energy bills in Britain, Australia, France, Germany and Sweden to discover if UK businesses are forking out more than others to help with the fight against climate change.

At the conclusion of the investigation, UKERC confirmed that British businesses actually have some of the lowest green policy costs in Europe.

Commenting on the findings of the report, co-director of UKERC Rob Gross said:

“Markedly differing contexts between countries – and even within countries – means that caution should be exercised when comparing prices.

“But it is a total myth that UK consumers pay more for green policies than consumers in other countries.”

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Green energy solutions for UK businesses

Here at The Energy Desk we can provide you with a variety of different solutions that can not only help with the fight against climate change, but can also substantially reduce your energy costs.

CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is a system that’s been adopted by many UK businesses. Also referred to as congregation, CHP simultaneously produces electricity and heat from single fuel sources such as biomass and coal.

By equipping your business with a CHP system, you could shave 20% off both your energy bill and carbon emission output. The Energy Desk can review your requirements and find you a CHP supplier that is ideal for you, so learn more about Combined Heat and Power systems today!

The energy specialists at TED can also provide you with expert advice on renewable energy to help your business ‘go green’. On top of the environmental benefits, harnessing renewable energy technology can also provide a number of social and economical advantages! Learn more about TED’s renewable energy services.

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‘Green Energy’ not to blame for high energy bills