Green technologies for businesses

Green technologies for businesses

The Energy Desk are experts in renewable technology and green alternatives for businesses. We are passionate that, with our services, we can help organisations of all sizes to reduce their energy costs and improve their effect on the environment.

Renewable Energy Systems for Businesses

We currently provide renewable energy solutions for a range of businesses and domestic customers and are looking for more businesses interested in our services.

Our renewable energy solutions include biomass boilers, solar thermal heating, solar panels, battery storage and more.


We offer biomass boilers, here at TED, that run off sustainable fuels, like wood pellets. Consult with our energy experts to determine the best system to suit you. Our team can provide full project management from conception through to completion, ensuring your business has the systems that best suit its needs. Businesses can save money on their fuel costs and help generate revenue with a biomass energy system from TED.

If you’re not too sure about biomass, take a look at our helpful blog that discusses the advantages of biomass.

Solar Energy

We offer highly-efficient solar energy here at The Energy Desk. Our solar energy has been well-established and can benefit a variety of businesses, no matter what industry they’re part of. Solar power technologies can generate extra revenue for your business, whilst giving your organisation all of the energy it needs to operate. Find out more about the government initiatives and grants that are available to businesses that implement these innovative solar power systems.

Waste to Energy 

TED can design and implement waste to energy plants for businesses of all kinds. Businesses are eligible for bespoke funding packages that can help your organisation to make the switch to a waste to energy system.

The ultra-efficient systems generate electricity or gas from most waste, supplying energy and generating a constant stream of revenue as excess electricity is sold back into the grid. Learn more about becoming self reliant on energy.

If you’re interested in getting the best deal on your gas and electricity, give The Energy Desk a call on 03330 151 221  to compare gas and electricity prices.

Contact The Energy Desk

The Energy Desk can help your business to reduce overall energy costs and become more environmentally friendly, contact us online.

If you are interested in any of the green technologies mentioned above for your business, please call us directly on 03330 151 221 .

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Green technologies for businesses