How Could an Energy Consultant Help Your Business?

Is your business spending too much on its energy bills? Or perhaps your energy supplier isn’t as efficient as you might like? Value for money and efficiency are two top priorities when it comes to a business’s energy, so how do you make sure that you’re getting the best deals?

An energy consultant specialises in energy management services and they could help your business in many different ways. From optimising your energy usage to saving you money, there are many benefits to working with an energy consultant, so read on to find out more.

What does an energy consultant do?

An energy consultant specialises in optimising a business’s energy usage, as well as making sure that they’re getting the best deal from their suppliers. Energy consultancy often focuses on lowering operational costs, but there are other services on offer too.

An energy consultant will monitor the energy usage of a business or organisation and then put a plan in place to help maximise their energy efficiency. This could include switching supplier, energy procurement services, renewable energy options or offering impartial advice. They’ll also stay on top of any new legislation or regulations in place, such as zero carbon emission targets.

How can an energy consultant help my business?

An energy consultant can help your business reduce their energy bill costs, but they offer many additional services too. See below to find out how an energy consultant could save you money and make your business more efficient.

Energy procurement

Energy procurement services find the best deals for your business to help save you money on your energy bills. Managed procurement services include gas, electricity, water and LPG,and they’re suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Energy procurement services include price comparison, which shows how a business could save money by switching suppliers. They also offer multi-site or SME contracts to make sure that you’re getting the best deal to suit your specific needs. An energy procurement company uses tools like an energy auction service to secure the best market price for their clients, as well as special deals for high energy users.

Impartial advice

Many businesses won’t know where to begin when it comes to their energy usage, but an energy consultant can offer expert, impartial advice. Consultants are experts in their field and can offer your business advice about switching suppliers, switching to renewable energy, or how to make sure that you’re as energy efficient as possible. They can also provide a free quote or talk you through your energy options.

Energy project funding

There’s often a lack of funding available for energy management services or energy services technology, but an energy consultant can help your business secure the funding it needs. Perhaps you’re making steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly and need funding for green, renewable energy technologies. Or perhaps you require funding for a complex energy management project?

Energy consultants can help a business with flexible funding options to suit their goals. They’ll work with you to discuss your needs and plans for future projects, then kick-start the process with funding including lease, asset or capital options.

Save money

Savings on energy bills is often the main reason for a business to use an energy consultant. They offer several efficient services, including the energy procurement methods mentioned above, to help your business save money.

Bill optimisation is another highly useful service that reduces energy bill costs and increases energy efficiency. Bill optimisation services include:

  • Water analysis
  • Exception reporting and alerts
  • Carbon management surveys
  • Utility invoice connection
  • Online energy reporting
  • Energy management estate performance reports
  • Bill validation and correction.

The above services can all be used to monitor a business’s energy usage and ensure they’re getting the best possible deals from their energy providers.

Energy management services

The day to day running of a business can be very time consuming, so most owners and employees won’t have the time to thoroughly manage their energy services. An energy consultant can offer commercial energy management, using the latest technologies to help businesses achieve their energy goals. This could be to save money, to use energy more efficiently, or to adopt greener technologies like solar energy or heat pumps.

Energy management services can save a business up to 70% on their lighting costs and up to 40% on overall utility costs. Management services can also install and fund technologies including CHP systems, lighting, biomass and waste to energy plants.

Renewable energy services

Is your business thinking about making the switch to renewable energy? It’s a good idea to work with an energy consultant and they’ll be able to advise you about which technologies would be best. Renewable energy sources reduce carbon emissions and minimise the ecological impact of your business, which helps to boost your reputation and meet green targets. Renewable energy services include:

  • Impartial advice on renewable energy technologies
  • Feasibility studies and energy audits
  • Installation of renewable technologies or systems
  • ESOS audits
  • Technology finance.

There are a range of renewable energy technologies to choose from, including:

  • Biomass biomass energy is environmentally friendly, cost-effective and suitable for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can choose from biomass boilers or biomass CHPs (combined heat and power). Biomass energy is extremely efficient (up to 96%) and low maintenance.
  • Solar energy – solar energy harnesses the power of light and heat from the sun using a range of technologies, including solar heating, solar photovoltaics and solar thermal electricity. Installations can be expensive upfront, but many businesses will qualify for funding to help with the cost. An energy consultant can apply for and secure funding on your behalf.
  • Heat pumps – heat pumps can be used to both heat and cool a building and they’re highly energy efficient. Funding is also available for this technology and heat pumps have very low running and maintenance costs.
  • Waste to energy – this technology generates electricity and/or heat from the incineration of waste. Waste to energy plants are suitable for large businesses or large scale use and an energy consultant can take care of the project at every stage. This includes planning applications, designing the plant, implementation and maintenance.

New connections

Does your business require utility connections for a new build? An energy consultant can help with that too, saving you time and hassle when it comes to finding the best deal. These services include full project management, advice on electricity and gas contracts, utility diversions, metering engineering services, multi utility construction and electricity, gas and water network design.

The Energy Desk – Professional Energy Consultants to Help Your Business

If you’re looking for an award-winning energy management company to help your business, get in touch with the experts at The Energy Desk. Our energy consultants are proud to offer a range of services, including energy procurement, renewable energy services, energy project funding and end to end energy management.

We work with businesses across the UK, offering bespoke solutions to help them save money on their energy bills and reduce their energy consumption. Whether you’re looking for a new gas or electricity supplier, want to reduce your energy usage or make the switch to renewable energy sources, we can help. For more information about how our energy consultants could benefit your business, give us a call today or contact us online.

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