How Smart Technology Is Changing Domestic Energy Management

Smart technology has changed the way that we all live, from the ubiquity of smartphones to smart TVs and even smart lights! The development of smart technology has also had an impact on energy management; here’s how.

Smart Tech Is Transforming Energy Management With Automation

You will likely have heard of a smart meter by now. These gadgets read your meters and automatically send all of the relevant data straight to your energy supplier. First and foremost, this helps to ensure that business owners can save on their energy bills. However, it’s also rapidly changing the energy management industry by helping everyone to cut down on their energy consumption. With more data and automation, smart tech is making reducing emissions and saving energy much easier.

Smart Lights, Alexa and The ‘Internet of Things’ Don’t Just Make Life Easier

Technologies like Alexa, Google Home and what’s become known as the Internet of Things (IoT) were developed to make everyday life easier. This is certainly true, but this smart technology can also help to change energy management and consumption.

By connecting your voice command control hub – like Alexa – to smart devices like smart lighting, you can make life more seamless as well as save money and the environment.

Take this example. With smart technology at home, you can programme smart lights to turn on and off at a time of your choosing. Synchronised with your alarm, the lights in your bedroom, hallway and bathroom would all come on at the same time and turn off by the time you’re downstairs having breakfast! All of this makes life easier, but will also ensure that your lights and appliances are only on when you need them! By integrating smart tech in homes and businesses, energy management is improved.

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How Smart Technology Is Changing Domestic Energy Management