How TED can help you start saving on your business’ water costs

Save money on your water bills with TED

Water bills can be hugely expensive and can it is an expense that can be saved for businesses. The Energy Desk (TED) specialise in reducing business’ energy costs and can help your business make huge savings on your water bills.

It doesn’t matter whether the business is a small, individual company or a large corporation, TED can provide you with the services you need to help your business reduce your energy consumption and water bills. Once you know how to save on your water bills, you’ll never look back!

How much can TED save you?

TED can save you between 10% and 15% on your water bills, depending on whether or not you have already switched provider.

In general, we find that the most immediate savings tend to be for companies that spend over £10,000 each year.

Why Choose TED for Water?

With TED, you will have a dedicated account manager who will provide you with ongoing support throughout your contract with us. All you will need is your unique SPID number on your bill, as well as a letter of authority.

TED’s service is completely free, meaning you don’t have to pay for us to help you save money. TED also offer a free health check on gas and electricity to help our customers discover further energy savings.

How will TED save you money?

Simply view the following steps to see how you can save money with TED on your water bill:

    1. Send TED a Letter of Authority.
    2. Send us a copy of your water bill.
    3. TED will then gather data from your current supplier, including your contact end date and annual water consumption.
    4. We will then calculate your requirements and tender to the water suppliers in Scotland.
    5. Suppliers then provide TED with prices.
    6. TED provides the cost-effective, energy-efficient solution for your water requirements.

Find out more about money saving water procurement with TED.

Utility Bill Optimisation Services

The Energy Desk caters for a range of businesses with our bill optimisation service, which is aimed helping businesses make great savings across all energy. TED offers businesses unique packages that will improve energy efficiency, reduce the amount of administration required and reduce utility fuel costs. TED provide a thorough bill optimisation service.

Contact The Energy Desk to save money on your water bills

If you would like to know about the energy procurement services The Energy Desk provide or would like to learn more about our bespoke energy management packages, please contact TED online.

You can also call us direct on 08458 389 830 for more information on how to save money on your water bills with TED.

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How TED can help you start saving on your business’ water costs