How to Achieve ESOS Compliance

ESOS requires large businesses* in the UK to do either of the following:

• Carry out energy audits to determine energy usage and savings (both cost and energy) that can be made
• Become ISO50001 compliant

Affected organisations must be qualified for ESOS by 31st December 2014, which means you must have fully registered for the scheme or ISO50001 compliance before this date or face fines of up to £50,000.

We can help you clearly see exactly how much energy your company is using through buildings, transportation and industrial activities and make cost-effective, energy saving recommendations such as installing a renewable system, switching suppliers or adopting optimisation technology.

Routes to ESOS Compliance

Initial ESOS consultations have now begun and TED are now working with a number of companies to deliver a solution with regards to achieving ESOS compliance. Whether it be data preparation and reporting for ESOS surveys and audits or providing an online system with templates for policy, process, internal audit, management review with implementation support up to external certification ISO50001 routes, TED can advise around making ESOS work for your business!

Energy Strategy Reviews

At The Energy Desk we are committed to helping companies save money and energy. ESOS is a great way for you to easily see how much you are spending on business energy and how savings can be achieved – and TED is here to support and advise you every step of the way. Call 08458 389 830 to book your Energy Strategy Review today!

*Companies/organisations that employ over 250 people or have an annual turnover in excess of £43.5million.

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How to Achieve ESOS Compliance