How to Find Commercial Gas Procurement Services for Your SME

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, you could be paying over the odds for gas prices. But, there are a number of commercial gas services that can help you save money on your energy and protect your bottom line. Relying on the expertise of an energy consultant can put you in the best position in line with your needs.

Luckily the industry is full of energy experts that are ready to help. At The Energy Desk, we specialise in finding the best commercial gas suppliers across the UK. So, how do you find commercial gas services that can help and what can they offer?

In this blog, we provide an overview of gas procurement services. Read on for all you need to know.

Understanding the gas market

Depending on your business type, energy consumption and needs, energy procurement will help you find the recommendations and deals for your SME. If you are not using enough energy to warrant what you are spending, it’s worth using a specialist service to switch to a more efficient contract. As gas travels to your site, it will be bought and sold several times by suppliers and traders of various sizes. The closer to the source you buy, the lower you will pay but gas prices are also affected by factors such as storage levels, market value and third party charges. Using an energy procurement service means they will assess all of the market information compared to your needs.

What should you know about gas procurement?

As a business owner, knowing which energy deal is best can be confusing. One solution to this is energy procurement, which simply means finding the best energy contracts and recommendations for your business. When you know that you could be on a better deal, but don’t know where to start, energy experts can step in and do the hard work for you. Most of them will have long-term relationships with many energy suppliers which will work in your favour in terms of price.

Here are some of the top things you should know about gas procurement.

Know your options

The great thing about energy procurement is that it’s based on your specific needs as an SME. If your energy agreement is not working for your requirements then your business is not going to be in the best position financially or practically. You must know your options, for example, for high-intensity users, you can find market-leading rates, so you aren’t penalised for your usage.

At The Energy Desk, one option that we offer is our unique and innovative Energy Auction Service allows energy customers to instantly compare the best fixed, flex, tracker and spot offers on a like-for-like basis using sophisticated market-to-market techniques. Get in touch today for more information.

Find a company that can offer fixed price energy plans

One thing to consider is fixed price plans. An energy consultant can help you find a fixed energy tariff that works for you, this means that your unit rates will stay at one price for the

duration of your agreed contract – this could be anywhere form 12 months to two years. During this time, if your supplier announces a change in rate prices this will not affect you.

Energy procurement services can help with this by finding exclusive deals that are not available as regular tariffs. Having a fixed price plan is very ideal for your SME as it gives you more financial control, not to mention a clearer projection of your year. If this is something you’re interested in, an energy consultant can advise you on the best fixed price plans available.

Find a company that offers flexible purchasing

Did you know that you can have flexible purchasing when it comes to buying energy? This means that you can sell excess energy back to the supplier so you aren’t spending more money than what you actually use. There are many perks to considering this option such as locking in costs at any point during the contract and the ability to align the energy procurement strategy to the movements in the wholesale market instead of fighting against them.

Small and medium sized enterprises need to be open to change and flexible purchasing can help. An energy consultant can explain more about this type of contract and how it can work for you, but there are definitely huge benefits to accessing flexible contracts.

Find a company that is committed to sustainability

Being green when it comes to business has become an important priority. If sustainability matters to you, energy procurement services can help you find committed suppliers who can offer green energy straight to your place of work.

According to The Climate Reality Project, some of the world most successful business use sustainable and renewable energy. Just because you’re a smaller business doesn’t mean that you can’t be sustainable and gas procurement services can help you stay green while saving money in the long run.

Why are these commercial gas services beneficial to businesses?

Energy procurement is designed to help your business in more ways than one. You can’t afford to waste money when it comes to finding the right energy package, so using expert advise will ensure that you’re in the best position financially and have an energy contract that is well suited to your business needs.

You can benefit from gas procurement services in the following ways:

  • Saving money
  • Finding deals that are not available on the market
  • Gaining benefits specifically designed for your SME
  • You can evolve your energy agreements in line with market trends

The Energy Desk: Commercial Gas Services For You

At The Energy Desk, we offer services to both small and medium-sized businesses. Our SME Fixed Price Energy Plans protect your business from unexpected energy price increases and guarantee you a low fixed rate for the full term of the energy supply contract.

We understand how important it is to save money and get the best deal for your needs. Unlike Electricity, SME Gas contracts can sometimes be tendered up to a year in advance, meaning you can take advantage of buying your contract and locking prices in when the energy market is low. With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to find you an amazing deal that’s within your budget.

If you need help from an energy professional, look no further than us. We have your best interest at heart and a dedicated team who will find the best gas deals for your SME. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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