How UK Food and Drink Manufacturers are Hitting Emissions Targets

The food and drink industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK and also ranks as the fourth-highest industrial energy user.  According to the latest report from Food and Drink Federation the industry has already achieved the ambitious target of 35% reduction in the CO2 emissions produced from its use of energy.

How are they achieving energy reduction?

By installing a Biogas system with Biogas CHP combined with the use of anaerobic digestion, you could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuels with a cleaner and more cost-effective renewable energy. Ultimately, you could fuel your biogas cogeneration unit with your food waste saving massively on alternative fuel sources.

Low carbon, green technologies such as a CHP unit fuelled by natural gas can easily reduce carbon emissions by up to 35%. However CHP units can operate on alternative, renewable fuel sources which produce even fewer emissions. Using biodegradable organic food waste which has been treated in an Anaerobic Digestion waste to energy process (AD) produces Biogas. This cleaner combustion fuel can be used to power a CHP unit and and ultimately produce electricity and heat power.

Such Biogas projects are carbon neutral. The cogeneration unit combusts the methane gas in the food waste which prevents it from being released into the atmosphere, no matter where it is left e.g. if it is left in a landfill, therefore reducing special disposal costs.

Main points to take away

  • You can reduce your energy consumption and the greenhouse gas emissions you produce.
  • Using AD to produce fuel from food waste for your CHP unit results in reduce emissions.
  • You can produce Biofuels from your food waste.

Combined Heat and Power for the Food & Drink Industry

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How UK Food and Drink Manufacturers are Hitting Emissions Targets