New policies impending in reaction to carbon target warning

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd recently issued a carbon target warning to the House of Commons, explaining that her department must introduce extra policies in order for the UK to achieve its carbon dioxide emission reduction targets, as they are bound to by legislation.

Rudd is hopeful that fresh measures will be introduced by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) during the current parliament, amid ministers’ fears that the fourth carbon budget is in danger of being missed with the current set-up operating as it is.

New 2016 policies to help reach carbon targets

The Paris Agreement has led to question marks surrounding the UK Government’s energy policy ‘reset,’ and Rudd admitted that the accord has seen the Energy department consider its complications both domestically and with regards to their European Union partners.

She said, “Our 2050 target of at least an 80% reduction in emissions from a 1990 baseline is already set in statute. We are committed to meeting it, and I look forward to setting out this Government’s proposals and policies for meeting our carbon targets later this year.”

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New policies impending in reaction to carbon target warning