How to reduce your commercial energy bill

Here at The Energy Desk, we are devoted to helping both large and small businesses save money on what they currently pay for their energy. Whilst helping our clients, one thing that we are regularly asked is if there are any tips that can help in reducing a business’s electricity bill?

So, in our latest blog post the specialists here at The Energy Desk reveal a few tips that can go a long way in helping you reduce your commercial electricity bill!

TEDs top tips for lowering your commercial energy bill

You may be shocked when we say that you do not have to make drastic changes to how your business operates in order to make substantial cuts on your current electricity bill.

In fact, in some cases it can just take a few small steps to take a chunk off what you currently pay for your company’s’ electricity!

Pay attention to efficiency ratings

When equipping your company with new electrical equipment, it is important to take notice of the equipment’s efficiency rating. This rating gives you a clear indication of how energy efficient the appliance is, with a rating of ‘A’ being the best.

Furthermore, you can also look at making other changes within your business to become more energy efficient, such as swapping standard lightbulbs within your company with a more efficient electricity saving option.

You can save electricity by completing last minute checks

Even simple actions like making sure electrical equipment is switched off when necessary can massively contribute towards lowering your commercial electricity bill.

It may be a good idea to reiterate to your workforce about how important this can be, as you may be surprised as to how much money you could save if you enforce this step.

Consider switching your energy supplier

Although you may think that switching your electrical energy supplier is not worth the hassle, the process is actually a lot simpler than you think and it can be the most effective way in saving your company a considerable amount of money.

Ask TED is a dedicated service that we provide at The Energy Desk that allows you to easily compare quotes from all the leading electrical energy providers. To find out how we can help you potentially shave hundreds of pounds off your annual commercial electricity bill, use ask TED today!

Let TED help you change your electricity supplier!

At The Energy Desk we can assist you in changing your company’s electricity provider, and subsequently save you substantial amounts each year. To speak to a dedicated member of the TED team today to learn more about how we can help you, give us a call on 03330 151 221  .

Or if you can’t speak to us over the phone right now, you can also contact a dedicated member of the TED team by providing us with a few quick details and contacting us online.

Find out more about how you can save money with our UK energy broker.

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How to reduce your commercial energy bill