Reductions in Commercial Biomass RHI Announced

The latest degression for small biomass installations receiving Renewable Heat Incentive payments has been announced. From January 1st 2015 businesses with a small biomass boiler that register for the RHI will receive the lower tariff of 6.8p per kW/h. Anyone currently receiving RHI payments will continue to receive the higher tariff.

Why Do Biomass RHI Degressions Occur?

Biomass boiler installations have been occurring faster than the DECC (Department for Energy and Climate Change) anticipated and as a result, RHI payments must be reduced to preserve the amount government has set aside to fund the scheme. If biomass boiler installations continue at their current rate, it is expected that a further degression to RHI payments will be announced at the end of February to come into force in April 2015. So if you’re interested in a biomass system for your business you need to act quickly to benefit from the best prices!

Making the Most of Biomass for Your Business

Biomass systems are incredibly energy efficient and offer significant energy savings in the vast majority of cases. Boilers and combined heat and power systems (CHPs) are a great way to reduce your carbon emissions and impact on the environment. And with the government’s ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, future carbon-related legislation is a dead cert. So do your bit to protect your business now and invest in a biomass system for your business! The Energy Desk provide a range of biomass CHP services.

Finding the Right Biomass System

At The Energy Desk we can carry out a free audit to identify what kind of commercial biomass system would best suit your business, budget and energy requirements. As an independent end to end energy management company we offer impartial advice and there’s no obligation to agree to our recommendations.
We’re here to provide you with the information – the figures speak for themselves! Changing to a biomass system with The Energy Desk will save businesses money, proven by our recent success working with a hotel.

The Energy Desk provide a free health check service which determines which renewable energy systems your business will benefit most from. Find out more and fill out the free health check form online.

Alternatively, to book your free health check sooner to identify the best type of biomass system for your business please call 08458 389 830.

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Reductions in Commercial Biomass RHI Announced