Renewable energy now second-largest global electricity source

Renewable energy now second-largest global electricity source

Figures from the International Energy Agency released recently have shown that the second-largest source of global electricity comes from renewable energy systems. The figures, that show energy collation in 2014, show that 22.3% of the world’s electricity came from renewables. The majority of the renewable energy, 16.4%, came from hydro-electricity plants. Biofuels made up almost 2% whilst other renewables, including wind and solar energy, made up the remaining 4.2%.

Coal is the biggest provider, with 40.7% of all global electricity coming from the fossil fuel. Renewable energies are bigger suppliers than gas, nuclear and oil, highlighting the increasing importance of renewable energy systems and the decrease in reliance on fossil fuels.

Wind turbines are a key aspect of global renewable technology and their effectiveness continues to increase.  On Sunday 7th August wind turbines were able to generate the equivalent of Scotland’s entire power requirement, a fantastic step towards the UK having as much of its energy being provided by renewable technologies. This reduces the importance of fossil fuels, reduces energy costs and is far better for the environment as a whole.

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Renewable energy now second-largest global electricity source