Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Use

Reducing your energy use has numerous benefits, with the two biggest being a lower carbon footprint and saving money. Both are excellent reasons to try some of the methods given below.

Consider Switching Your Energy Supplier

If you’ve been with your current energy supplier for over a year, it’s a good idea to check around and look at the various options. You may discover some cheaper suppliers, but you’ll also discover better choices. Once your fixed deal with an energy supplier finishes, you end up paying more for out-of-contract rates which are higher than regular prices. You can find a better supplier or renegotiate your contract with your existing supplier.

Use a Smart Meter

Smart meters let you see exactly how much energy you’re using at any given time and they are nearly real-time. This allows you to make better choices about your energy use. The meters will also show you the better tariffs, so you can adjust your energy use to when they have better rates. These lower tariffs are usually due to lower usage or higher levels of renewable energy, so you can also make more environmentally friendly choices.

Upgrade Your Boiler

A huge amount of energy, usually over 50% of your energy spending, goes to heating your home. A large amount of this is due to the boiler that you’re using and it’s often because older boilers are simply not as efficient as they should be. Not only do they deteriorate over time, but technology has also improved, as well. Consider replacing your boiler if it’s over 7 years old and add a highly rated one.

Eliminate Draughts

Do you have draughts around your windows and under doors? Older homes may not be as well protected as they should be and this can result in a lot of issues with cold air coming into the house. More expensive renovations can help prevent this from happening and reduce your heating and cooling costs, but you can also use curtains and draught-proofing strips to prevent draughts from coming in.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Appliances

The next time you need to replace an appliance, such as a refrigerator or washing machine, do some research to select the most energy-efficient option possible. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and purchase all new appliances now to replace the working ones you have, but as you get to the point where you need to choose a new one, make sure it’s one that uses minimal energy.

It doesn’t take a lot to save money and be a little greener. If you’re willing to make a few changes, you’ll notice that there are a lot of ways to reduce your energy expenditure. For more information, contact The Energy Desk.

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Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Use