Specialist Energy Advice for Care Homes

With budget cuts hitting many industries hard, there are a great number of establishments who are finding ways to reduce costs. With life expectancy increasing all the time, the UK’s care homes are feeling the strain. According to charity Age UK, there are more residents in Britain who are aged over sixty than there are under eighteen, a large proportion of whom live in care homes. The Energy Desk are proud to have helped over 3,000 care homes in the UK and Ireland in finding a cheaper alternative for their energy bills.

How to save money on your energy bills

The Energy Desk are committed to helping businesses saving money on their gas and electric. Whether this is through expert advice on little changes you can make throughout your care home or if we think it is best you change energy supplier, our team are experts in the field and will always strive for the best results for our customers.

If you would like specialist energy advice for your care home, then why not give The Energy Desk a call? The advisers at TED will offer an initial energy audit where we can recommend technologies such as biomass, lighting and systems which will reduce your bills. Recently Combined Heat and Power has made a wave in the energy industry and could actually help you make money! Take a further look at CHP systems from The Energy Desk here.

When is the best time to change energy supplier?

If overall the best way to reduce your cost for energy bills is through changing supplier, then The Energy Desk will be with you every step of the way, providing advice and helping you find a vendor that can provide the best deals for care homes. With many contacts in the energy sector, our experts will know when the best time to buy your care home energy is to yield the best results.

You can find out in as little as thirty seconds if you could save money with The Energy Desk by using our popular Ask TED service.

Get in touch with TED for more information

With many years of experience, The Energy Desk have helped thousands of care homes find the best energy prices and reduce their overall outgoings. If you’re still unsure on how we can help, then book a no obligation, free health check to see which of our services will work best for you. See exactly how the Energy Desk can reduce care home energy bills here.

You can also call us directly on 03330 151 221 , or leave a message online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Specialist Energy Advice for Care Homes