TED can help with the self-generation of energy

It has been recognised that the way forward to meet the energy needs of Britain’s businesses is self-energy generation.

Energy costs will always come under pressure, be it from world issues, growing network and distribution costs or climate change levies at home brought about by politicians.

So there is no doubt that on-site generation will play an ever important role in creating affordable energy, reducing emissions and helping with the security of your company’s energy supply.

The Benefits of Self Energy Generation For Your Business

Self generation has become much more apparent over the past 2 years. The developments, accessibility and understanding of technologies has created more ways than ever to benefit from this.

Your business can gain a competitive advantage not only through energy reduction but also the potential to reduce capital and operational costs. Onsite energy generation will reduce dependence on the National Grid; this in turn will protect against unexpected price or tax rises. You will also help your carbon reduction by encouraging the use of renewables and creating better efficiency that will be part of your compliance with ESOS and any new legislation that is introduced.

How Do You Know What Best Suits Your Business?

As we said earlier there are now a lot of new technology products on the market however there is never one specific product that fits all companies or even all sites within an organisation.

This where we at The Energy Desk “TED” come in useful! Being a totally independent full end to end energy management company, our renewable energy specialists work with you to understand your energy requirements for each part of your business and then use our industry knowledge to go into the market and obtain the best solution at the best cost for your business. TED can even arrange funding for all energy efficiency projects.

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TED can help with the self-generation of energy