TED Director nominated for Industry Expert of the Year

The Energy Desk is extremely proud and very excited to announce that our very own Director, Zoe Chadwick, has been nominated in the 2016 TELCA awards! With there being more nominations than ever for this year’s TELCA awards, Zoe’s inclusion in the Industry Expert of the Year reckoning is a huge achievement in itself.

Tough Competition in Energy Management Awards

As stated by ELN’s editor Sumit Bose, “The quality of entries were very high and some of the shortlists are longer as it was too tight to call.” Such a quote magnifies the extent of the competition that Zoe faces for the award, and what a tough task she faces in landing the spoils. Simply to be nominated is a huge feather in Zoe’s cap however, and it will be an even bigger one for both her, and our energy management company, if she does manage to claim the award she was so deservedly nominated for.

Contact our Utility Procurement Service providers

As aforementioned, The Energy Desk are incredibly proud of Zoe’s achievement in gaining a nomination for the Industry Expert of the Year award, and are delighted that the recognition reflects upon our company’s utility procurement service work as a whole. For more information regarding our renewable energy services or any of our energy management work, simply get in touch with our friendly team. Give us a call on 03330 151 221  or 01282 798 614 today, or leave your details on our contact us page.

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TED Director nominated for Industry Expert of the Year