TED Green provides funding for renewable energy

TED Green provides funding for renewable energy

The Energy Desk is committed to helping businesses reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint by switching to renewable alternatives. Organisations of all sizes can benefit from changing to cost-effective green energy systems. Speak to a member of The Energy Desk team to find out about the funding options available.

Funding for Green Energy Systems

The Energy Desk provides funding support for businesses and projects throughout the UK. Our specialist teams work closely with you to determine your exact energy needs and current setup. We then find funding options that you are eligible for, helping you to reduce your overall expenditure.

Businesses that switch to biomass energy systems, for example, can receive funding through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. The RHI involves the government providing payments to organisations that are using biomass systems. Get in touch with The Energy Desk today to find out more about biomass energy funding.

Solar power is an alternative to biomass that provides the energy your business needs. The energy harnessed through solar heating, solar photovoltaics and artificial photosynthesis is used to provide hot water and heating for free.

This is a fantastic way of reducing energy costs and your reliance on external suppliers. If there is excess electricity it can be sold back to the National Grid, giving your business a creative new source of income. Start saving today with The Energy Desk’s finance packages for solar panels.

The Energy Desk’s funding packages are flexible, efficient and including the installation and maintenance of your renewable energy system. We have a wide range of funding options available for all renewable energy technologies.

Contact The Energy Desk

Save money and reduce overall energy consumption at your business by switching to a green energy system. Get in touch with our specialists and find a funding solution that suits you by calling us on 03330 151 221  or by contacting us online.

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TED Green provides funding for renewable energy