TED’s Top Tips: How to Manage Your Energy Switchover

Whether it be that your business is expanding or you need to relocate your premises to be nearer to your designated market, managing your energy switchover effectively and correctly is a necessity and could see you save a lot of money if done correctly. Likewise, you could find the process financially draining and costing your business more than you had initially planned. For whatever reason, energy switchover is an important process which needs to be executed correctly.

Moving out Essentials

Make sure you strive to identify early termination fees with respects to meter operators and data collection devices to maximize your outgoings before leaving the premises. Notifying the supplier in advance is also crucial as you remain responsible for the supply through means of contract until you tell them otherwise, anywhere between 2 months and a month in advance is recommended.

Moving in Essentials

It is advisable to when moving into a new premises to contact a business energy broker to get the best deals for your energy requirements. For gas requirements contact the National Grid and contact the local distributor’s Meter Point Administration Service for electricity requirements. On the day you move in DO NOT forget to read the meter and notify the supplier, this is a must as you could find yourself being charged for the previous owner’s energy consumption.

Using TED to manage energy switchover

Here at TED we consistently search for and provide the most competitive energy prices in the market and with our expert analysts routinely monitoring market trends we can make your energy switchover beneficial for you by saving you valuable money. Not only do we search the market for the best prices, we are an end to end energy management company and can oversee the whole process with regards to energy supplier, the installation of devices, new connections etc. TED can even save you money by optimising your energy bills.
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TED’s Top Tips: How to Manage Your Energy Switchover