The Advantages of Biomass Energy

Burning wood to create heat isn’t a new idea. But using new materials, equipment and technology to ensure we get the most energy as possible out of but burning that wood is a relatively idea – and one that’s changing the way we think about energy generation.

The term ‘biomass’ doesn’t just apply to wood – it is all biological material that comes from living or recently living organisms. In energy terms it usually applies to plant-based material such as wood, high-yield crops such as willow or miscanthus (Elephant Grass) and agricultural residues. However it also includes animal waste, industrial waste and food waste, which can all be used to generate energy.

Fundamentally, biomass  is a clean and renewable source of energy that can be sustainably managed to provide energy for future generations. The use of biomass energy only releases carbon dioxide that has been absorbed from the atmosphere, rather than contributing to the overall CO2 output. In many applications it is also a cheaper energy alternative than gas or LPG.

Why Businesses of all sizes are choosing biomass

Biomass energy has massively increased in popularity for businesses of all sizes and industry over the past few years – and it continues to grow. Not only is biomass fuel competitively priced, it is easily attainable and provides a more visual factor to how much energy you’re using, which can often be a catalyst for further energy reduction / optimisation within a business. Implementing green technology now also helps to protect your business against ‘carbon taxes’ and other costly legislation that could be introduced by the government.

Besides cost reductions, using biomass energy can significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint which in turn improves their green credentials and potentially their reputation – particularly amongst local companies and communities.

Using Biomass for Your Business

At TED Green we’re passionate about helping businesses do their bit for the environment. That’s why we provide unparalleled commercial biomass solutions that encompasses a range of biomass technology, so that you can choose the solution that is right for your business. Our biomass specialists provide impartial advice about the different systems, maintenance, costs and initiatives to help you make an informed decision. Consider saving money with a biomass system.

Best of all, you don’t need to pay for your chosen biomass system in one go as we provide a variety of options that help your business start saving money and energy straight away through biomass project funding.

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The Advantages of Biomass Energy